What is megapixel/pixel

Whenever the mobile is taken, the word megapixel is widely heard, and especially in the word, this word is quite crazy. Because megapixels are very important for good pictures.

So what’s the megapixel i tell you in this post today? All of this information will be told to you, as soon as we take new mobile phones. So, I take a lot of megapixel attention in the room’s features. And let’s check that we can get more than the megapixel camera with less than the mobile work. And this is quite difficult.

What is a megapixel?

Million pixels are called megapixels in the sort form. A Megapixel means one million pixels, and like 10 million is called one million, then one megapixel has 10 million pixels. Every sensor in the back of the room has a sensor in the back. This sensor has very small pixels. Each of them has the capability to capture pixel light and color when every photo takes a pixel color, light and Captures Contrast When all pixels get interconnected then a picture is formed, so the more clutter you see in the larger pixel image, the more zoom you have. Will look closely and the picture will not be shown, was torn. Because every single pixel has captured the smallest thing.

What is 1 million pixels?

The resolution of 1 million pixels is 1152 * 864. Its sensor will be in its sensor 1152 pixels in length, and 864 pixels will be elevated, it gets a 10 pixel image when multiply. Therefore, this type of camera is called a camera of 1 million pixels or 1 megapixel.

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